Conference Tracks

The HumTech2016 Conference Tracks are:

A. Humanitarian Assistance / Disaster Relief
The Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief track will explore technology-based solutions that help protect and provide relief to communities facing man-made and natural disasters. Subject topics include, but are not limited to, humanitarian operations, humanitarian logistics, and scalable humanitarian systems.

B. Health and Disease Management
The Health and Disease Management track will explore topics of relevance to global health research. Subject topics include, but are not limited to, emerging and epidemic diseases, rare, orphan and neglected diseases, public health emergencies, global health initiatives, global environmental health and strengthening existing healthcare systems. The track will provide a forum to exchange knowledge across the spectrum of innovative science, technology and policy being developed to tackle global health challenges.

C. Public Safety and Emergency Management
The Public Safety and Emergency Management track will explore technical challenges facing emergency responders and showcase innovative technologies that enable more effective response. The track will focus on design analysis, system architectures, core enabling technologies, and field evaluations of systems that allow emergency responders and private citizens to more effectively prepare, prevent, respond and recover from all-hazard emergencies and disasters. Subject topics include technology-based solutions across the entire disaster life cycle of preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation.

D. Emerging Technologies
The Emerging Technologies track will explore advanced research and technology development that promises to create smart cities and resilient communities, and alleviate the difficulties faced by developing communities. Subject topics include, but are not limited to, sensors, networks and systems, optical and rf devices, ad-hoc (wireless) networks, additive manufacturing, renewable energy, social media and big data analytics, unmanned platforms, autonomy and intelligent systems and resilient systems.

E. International Development, Poverty Alleviation and Food Security
The International Development, Poverty Alleviation and Food Security track will explore ways that technology can improve living standards across the globe. Technological enhancements in infrastructure and transportation, as well as sustainable food production and distribution, can play a significant role in improving the quality of life of the impoverished and hungry. Subject topics include, but are not limited to, sustainable engineering, information and communication technologies, sustainable agriculture, water scarcity, natural resource management, energy development, healthcare accessibility, and efficient sanitation systems.

F. Open Track: Water, Energy, Agriculture, Policy, Security, Education, …
The Open track will explore topics across technology, social and economic policy, public-private partnerships, and social entrepreneurship. Emphasis will be placed on topics that have a broad global humanitarian impact and are a result of systematic and evidence-based research and field work.

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