Subject Topics and Areas of Interest

Subject topics and enabling technologies include, but are not limited to, the following:

Additive Manufacturing
ad-hoc (Wireless) Networks
Automated Resource Allocation
Big Data Analytics
Biomedical Devices
Crisis Information Management Systems
Decision Support
Disease Surveillance
Drugs, Biologics, Devices and other Therapeutics
Efficient Sanitation Systems
Emerging and Epidemic Diseases
Emerging Technology
Energy Development
Enterprise Information Systems
Functional Materials and Nanotechnology
Geographical Information Systems
Global Environmental Health
Global Health Initiatives
Healthcare Accessibility
Human Systems
Humanitarian Logistics
Humanitarian Operations
Human-Machine Interaction
Information and Communication Technologies
Information Sharing, Standards and Interoperability
International Development and Sustainability
Medical and Health Informatics
Modeling and Simulation
Natural Resource Management
Optical and RF Devices
Policy and Economics for Humanitarian Technology
Public Health Emergencies
Rare, Orphan and Neglected Diseases
Renewable Energy
Resilient Systems
Robotics, Autonomy and Intelligent Systems
Scalable Humanitarian Systems
Sensors, Networks, and Systems
Serious Games
Social / Mobile / Cloud
Social Entrepreneurship
Strengthening Existing Healthcare Systems
Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Engineering
Unmanned Platforms
Water Scarcity