Oxfam Invited Panel

Use of Technology with Local Partners for Emergency Preparedness and Response

Oxfam believes that local actors should have more power, resources and responsibility during humanitarian crises, as they know the context best, often have better access and are more accountable to local communities, and are there first and remain after international responders leave. Oxfam speakers will outline this humanitarian approach, and then will follow theory with action. Members of the humanitarian team will give concrete examples of their work with local partners building their capacity to use technology, including monitoring and evaluation tools, to better prepare for and respond to different types of emergencies: slow onset, sudden crises, and public health emergencies.

Invited Speakers:
Carlos Mejia, Humanitarian Change Goal Manager
Emily Farr, Global Advisor, Emergency Food Security & Vulnerable Livelihoods
Pierluigi Sinibaldi, Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience Advisor
Daniela Giardina, Public Health Promoter