IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee Special Workshop at HumTech2016

Social Development Project Funding Proposals – Development Approach & Framework

This Special Workshop at HumTech2016 is being organized by the IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee. The IEEE Humanitarian Activities Committee (HAC) is tasked with supporting the Board‐endorsed vision of IEEE volunteers around the world carrying out and/or supporting impactful humanitarian activities at the local level.


Workshop Overview

HAC is currently soliciting proposals for humanitarian projects that are aligned with this vision. The committee will review proposals during three periods in 2016 and will grant awards between
US$20,000 and US$100,000. Such projects typically tend to have a strong community involvement and must benefit a local group with an underserved and unmet need. Such projects must have a technology component leveraging IEEE’s core competencies.

This workshop will cover in detail key concepts for developing funding proposals for social development projects with a technology component, including specific attributes for necessary for success at different phases of proposal development. Topics covered will include needs assessment, participant and beneficiary interviews, writing budgets, and post-project assessment. The role of technology, its current development stage and maturity, its impact on the overall solution, socio‐economic, cultural and behavioral challenges, risks and impact and the need and framework to address them will also be covered. Additionally, the establishment of quantitative and qualitative outcomes and development of plans and tools for reporting will be discussed.

Workshop Sessions

Introduction: Patterns for success and failure
Jackie Stenson will discuss the major pitfalls of unsuccessful projects and the most common traits of the most successful proposals.

Session 1: Pre-Proposal Framework: Developing the Project and the Proposal
Pre‐proposal Development Requirements, Needs Assessment, Surveys and Interviews.

Session 2: The Proposal: Project planning and writing the proposal
Articulating the Solution, Beneficiaries, and Outcome. Drafting a budget. Creating appropriate project phases and checkpoints.

Session 3: Tools for Assessment and Best Practices
How and when to assess. Determining best practices and planning for the next project.

Workshop Moderators
Jackie Stenson
Laura Edelson
Vineeth Vijayaraghavan
Sampathkumar Veeraghavan