Contributed Poster Presentations

Title Authors
An Empirical Analysis of Disaster Operations Management and a Research Agenda Niratcha Grace Tungtisanont, Aleda Roth, Yann Ferrand (Clemson University)
Medium Navy: A Trilateral Capability Building for HA/DR in Asia Pacific Serkan Tezgel (Turkish Naval War College)
E-Governance: Silencing Vulnerable Populations Wesley Hill (University of Cape Town)
Integrating and Applying Technology to Responses to Recent Major Natural Disasters in the Philippines Michael Ross (The Louis Berger Group), Joy Santiago and Alfredo Mahar Lagmay (National Institute of Geological Science, University of the Philippines)
From Simple to Complex to Chaotic; What Level is Right for You? Lee Voth-Gaeddert, Daniel Oerther (Missouri University of Science and Technology)
Problem Framing and Solving Methods in Humanitarian Engineering and Technology Andrea Mazzurco (Purdue University)
Improved source-separated urine management and nutrient recovery during continuous flow applications Jeanette Neethling, Tesfayohanes Yacob, Karl Linden (University of Colorado, Boulder)
Utilizing SMS Technology to Reduce Healthcare Commodity Shortages Eunae Yoo (Arizona State University)
COLLEX: Solving Collective Action Problems in Development Contexts Daniel Olsher (Integral Mind Technologies)
ShelterBox: A Decade of Disaster Relief Jamie Rundle (Sheffield Business School)
Evaluation of the Impact of a Five-year Capacity Building Initiative on Mobile App Development in Senegal Christelle Scharff (Pace University), Chun Hei Cheung (MobileSenegal) Jean-Marie Preira (ESMT)
Optimizing Software Tools for Search and Rescue Operations April Anlage (University of Virginia) Nirali Jantrania, ; Glenna Manns, ; Patrick Maribojoc,
Hands-on science activities: an inaugural teacher training workshop in Greater Accra Heather Beem (MIT)
Smart Environment Monitoring System by employing Wireless Sensor Networks on Vehicles For Pollution Free Smart Cities Anam Mazhar (Islamia University of Bahawapur), Muhammad Saqib Jamil, Abdullah Ahmed, Ahsan Ikram, Hamza Tariq, Syed Adil Abrar (University of South Florida), Usman Munnawar, Sahar Atif (University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore)
Impact of mass customization of information technology under turbulent environments Abdo Shabah (Universite de Montreal)
Low Cost Wireless Sensor Network Based Intelligent Retina Controlled Computer Muhammad Saqib Jamil (University of South Florida), Muhammad Atif Jamil (Huawei Technologies), Anam Mazhar (Islamia University of Bahawalpur), Abdullah Ahmed (University of South Florida), Usman Munnawar (University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore)
Factors affecting UN response to natural disasters: what determines allocation of the Central Emergency Response Fund? Tyler Robinson, Thiago Oliveira (Harvard School of Public Health)
Semi-Automated Family Estimation (SAFE): A Graph-Based Approach for Leveraging Open Source and Social Media Data for Disaster Response Danelle Shah, Christian Anderson, Paul Breimyer, Stephanie Foster, Kelly Geyer, J. Daniel Griffith, Andrew Heier, Arjun Majumdar, Olga Simek, Nicholas Stanisha, Frederick Waugh (MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
Du’anyam: Empowering Women in Indonesia through WIcker Weaving Jiwon Park (MIT), Azalea Ayuningtyas (Harvard School of Public Health), Amanda Wu, Lauren Uhr, and Francisca Susan (MIT)
GEAR & SAHARA: Application of Spatial Decision Analysis Technology for HADR Matthew E. Bates, Richard W. Curran, Michelle C. Hamilton, and John A. Nedza (Engineer Research and Development Center, US Army Corps of Engineers), Patrick Doody (Reinventing Geospatial, Inc.), Heather M. Bell, Erin P. Hughey, and Paul Kailiponi (Pacific Disaster Center)