About HumTech2015

Humanitarian Technology: Science, Systems and Global Impact 2015 is a community-led conference being held in Boston, MA on May 12 – 14, 2015. It follows the successful inaugural HumTech2014, which attracted close to 200 researchers, practitioners, and key thought leaders.

The purpose of HumTech2015 is to bring together scientists, engineers, technologists and policymakers from across academic, government, industry and non-government organizations to discuss, share and promote current research and recent accomplishments across all aspects of technology, from science to systems, that have a global humanitarian impact.

HumTech2015 will be an exciting, relevant and technically focused conference that will explore emerging technologies that further enable global humanitarian assistance. Conference tracks and subject topics will be presented within an operationally-relevant context, drawing as much as possible from real-world experiences in humanitarian operations and logistics, disaster relief, emergency management, disease management, global health initiatives, international development, and other areas.

Humanitarian Technology: Science, Systems and Global Impact 2015 will be held in a Cambridge/Boston area venue.

HumTech2015 is ISCRAMan ISCRAM Affiliated event. The International Association for Information Systems for Crisis Response and Management (ISCRAM) primary mission is to foster a community dedicated to promoting research and development, exchange of knowledge and deployment of information systems for crisis management.