Contributed Posters

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Mechanically Automated Light Weight WAstage REmover [MALWWARE]

Saronroy Albert, Duraiarasan A,
IEEE Madras Section, India

SafaPani: A Household Electrocoagulation Arsenic Water Filter for Nepal and Other Developing Countries

Victoria Tersigni, Julie Ann Haldeman, Aditya Mahara, Scott Gladstone, Dartmouth College

Targeting Briquetting as an Alternative Fuel Source in Tanzania

Victoria Tersigni, Julie Ann Haldeman, Scott Gladstone, James Kennedy, Dartmouth College

@EvidenceAid: Exploring the Social Network of a Humanitarian Knowledge Translation Programme

Claire Allen, Dominic Mellon, Mike Clarke,
Evidence Aid

Assessment Methodology for Alternative Lighting Systems Installed by “One Liter of Light” Foundation in the Sub-Urban Sector of “Las Palmas” (Cali, Colombia)

Diana Gasca, Isabel Ramírez-Castañeda, Mauricio Quintero-Angel,
Universidad del Valle

Maslow Missed the Mark: Relationships (and Giving) are the Basic Need That Defines Development

Daniel Oerther,
Missouri University of Science and Technology

A Crowdsourcing Framework for Emergency Management

Michael Chuang,

Enabling Distributed Command and Control with Standards-Based Geospatial Collaboration

Paul Breimyer,
MIT Lincoln Laboratory