Author Instructions

HumTech2014 Proceedings

All acceptedElsevier papers for contributed talks and posters will be included for publication in a published proceeding. We are excited to be working with Elsevier to have the proceedings published in a dedicated issue. Elsevier is a world-leading provider of scientific products and services and their online service is accessed by over 17 Million unique scientists and professionals on a monthly basis. This will ensure that the HumTech2014 proceedings will have the widest possible reach within the academic community. All HumTech2014 papers will be available as OPEN ACCESS.

General Guidelines

Abstracts-Only and Paper Submission
All abstracts-only and paper submissions should contain original and high quality work. Abstracts and papers should be submitted electronically, using the conference management tool (CMT).

  • More than one abstract/paper may be submitted for consideration; please submit each paper separately.

Abstract-Only: If authors wish to contribute a talk or poster without submitting a full paper, you may submit a short abstract (one page, ~500 words) in lieu of a paper. Full papers will be given preference when selecting contributed talks. Please use the same online submission form. The deadline for Abstracts-Only is rolling.

HumTech2014 is pleased to be using CMT, a conference management service sponsored by Microsoft Research, for all submissions.

Paper Templates

Papers can vary in length, can can be of the following styles:

  • Rapid Communication (2 pages)
  • Letter (2 – 4 pages)
  • Article  (4+ pages, max of 10 pages)

We believe that a healthy mix of these types of manuscripts will enhance the overall quality of the HumTech2014 conference proceedings.

Please submit papers as PDFs or Word documents by the submission deadline. We strongly encourage the use of the Elsevier MS Word templates even at this stage. For the Camera-Ready-Copy, both MS Word files and PDFs will be requested, and must conform to the Elsevier provided MS Word templates.

Formatting Guidelines and MS Word Template

Paper Review

All papers will be reviewed by 1 to 3 reviewers. Reviewers will be assigned by subject area expertise.

Abstract/Paper Presentation
Each submission will either be:

  • Accepted for a contributed talk
  • Accepted for a contributed poster
  • Deferred / Rejected

Papers may require minor revisions based on reviewers comments.

Best Paper / Best Poster

The top paper and top poster in select conference tracks will be awarded the Best Paper and Best Poster Award. Papers and posters will be judged based on technical quality, originality, clarity, and impact. Awards will be announced at the closing session of the conference.